Video Conferencing Tools

It is important to stay connected and students and teachers can do so with Video Conferencing tools! There are many different options out there both free and paid, and we have listed a few in order of our favorites top to bottom. 

Check out the list below! 


Google Meet is one of the best, safest video conferencing tools out there. It is extremely user friendly, and can be downloaded onto any platform, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, or cell phones or used straight from your browser. If you have a Gmail account, you already have Google meet installed within your platform! With Google Meet, users can video chat from anywhere with ease! 

There are so many amazing features that come with Google Meet. It's fully integrated with many Google Apps, like calendars, and provides links and stable dial-in lines for students to video conference or call in. 

To learn more about Google Meet, check it out here!



Skype is one of the longest standing video conferencing tools out there. They have both free and paid versions which offer different features. There is a screen share tool in skype which makes it useful for teachers to present data or information to their students during class time. The call supports up to 50 people, and also features recording and chat features!   

Skype does not have to be downloaded as an app, but can be, as well as used within the browser making it easy to use. Not only does Skype offer video chat, students who may not have access to internet or video chat can also call into the conference and listen in. Plus, teachers get their own skype number! 

To learn more about Skype, check it out here! 


Cisco Webex is one of the most underrated platforms for video conferencing. There are both free and paid plans, offering different features in each. The free plan is enough to host classrooms of up to 100 students, not to mention screen sharing and private chatrooms available for users. 

Our favorite part, is that when you sign up for an account, you are given your very own URL which you will use for all of your meetings and events. This is another great option available with all the bells and whistles. 

To learn more information about Cisco webex click here!