This Video Conferencing Site Takes the Lead Over Zoom

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Times are a bit trying right now, and teachers, you have taken on these changes and adapted like it's nobody's business. One major adaptation to teachers’ daily schedules is video conferencing. Everybody quickly found one tool, fell in love (we're not mentioning any names but it rhymes with doom), and then realized that maybe this tool has a bit of a dark side. So now it's time to break up and move on...but what's next?

Well, we have your answer.

Have you heard of Cisco Webex? Neither had we but once we did, we realized that it is hands down, one of the best video conferencing tools out there. Webex provides tools that are essential to a safe and productive day of online teaching.

Check out this quick video and fall in love all over again.

Is your heart racing in excitement yet? After extensively researching the site and testing the platform, we've put together this guide for you. Everything listed in this article is FREE. You pay absolutely nothing but get to enjoy the benefits of creating a fun and engaging virtual classroom culture.


  • Mobile Features include mobile screen sharing, support on all platforms, and voice command integrations.

  • Collaboration Features enable you to create the perfect virtual classroom. Some of our favorite collaboration features are polling, Q&A, and the 'Raise Hand' tool. The host is able to control the meeting and has the ability to share web-based multimedia content.

  • Interactive Whiteboard allows you to display your lessons to the class by writing, typing, or drawing directly on the virtual whiteboard.

  • Call-in Option is great for students who don't have access to a webcam. They get the chance to call and listen to class.

  • Personal URL is given to each meeting host. Teachers can share their very own URL with students directly. This URL doesn't change with each use and you do not have to give out multiple codes each time you want to hold a conference.

  • Sharing Options for teachers to share their desktop view, files, and whiteboard to engage students during class.

  • Calendar Integration

  • Unlimited Meetings

  • Up to 100 participants


  • TLS 1.2 Support adds an extra layer of security.

  • Personal Room Locking and Unlocking for those students that get a little bold and you've got to take them aside.

  • Online Support, something we all need at some point.


Cisco Webex provides amazing options on their platform including interactive whiteboards. You can display your lessons to the class by writing, typing, or drawing directly onto the virtual whiteboard.

Group Projects

Inspire students to collaborate with group projects! Check out this amazing guide to learn more!

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Engagement Support

Cisco Webex understands that teachers are new to this online learning phase and they have taken the time to quickly put together resource videos to help empower you to teach. Check out one of those videos below!

Information and Resources

Cisco Webex provides a plethora of resources and information, including live classes, quick guides on lesson planning, how to start teams, and so much more!

Cisco Webex is exactly what you need to enhance your new virtual teaching career. Sign up here and make your students proud!

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