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The G.A.N.O. short for The Grade Angels Network Organization, is on a mission to become the #1 resource for teachers. Our goal is to ensure we are able to provide content and information which will help Empower Teachers to Teach.  

During the current pandemic, our objective is to provide information and support for teachers to make the switch to remote learning. This is a current and temporary objective due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As we regain normalcy, we will resume our mission of providing classroom support, field trips, giveaways, and to recognize teachers across the nation for what they love to do...teach! 

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The G.A.N.O is an innovative, one of a kind, non-profit organization run by a tight-knit group of advocates who support teachers. 


We look forward to helping propel the future of education with The Grade Angels Network and their legendary grading platform by creating a place for teachers to fulfill their educational needs. 


The G.A.N.O. wants to change the way the world thinks about teachers in a positive way and with your support, we can make that happen.